What makes this tour unique?

Every Photographer these days goes to Iceland, but few make it to the Westfjords, the -arguably- most beautiful part of Iceland. And of those who make it there, very few make it to the nature reserve of Hornstrandir due to its difficult accessibility which is only possible by boat, especially when visiting outside the summer months. For those who do make it, pristine landscapes, picturesque fjords and cliffs and of course unique wildlife awaits.
Hornstrandir holds the highest density of arctic foxes in the world due to the abundance of sea birds. Welcome to our guided Iceland tour.

Visiting the Hornstrandir with us has the following advantages: there’s no one around but a few photographers/videographers, and a few adventurers, extremely beautiful scenery with cliffs plunging into the ocean, brown arctic foxes and white arctic foxes (which have a partially grayish color during the summer).

Additionally this tour is led by 2 dedicated and extremely enthusiastic landscape and wildlife photographers who run this tour in their favorite place in the world – you guessed it – the Westfjords of Iceland. Feel free to check out the TEAM page.

What are the dates for the tour and how much are the costs?

The dates for this tour are June 27th to July 4th 2025.

The costs for this tour are 3500,- € per person.

Who is this tour for?

Our guided iceland tour is for wildlife and landscape photographers of all levels who enjoy traveling and taking pictures on location. You need to be able to walk for approximately 1 hour at a time and be able to stand, kneel or sit while observing the wildlife. Of course you can always choose to take a break and stay at the house.

How hard is this tour?

It can be very hard to very easy, depending on the capabilities and demands of the group. Arctic foxes are easy to spot and take pictures of, requiring little effort. Other wildlife, especially some birds such as white tailed eagles are harder to find, and require longer hikes.

The guides will adapt their program to the needs and wishes of the group. In case the group is split between easy and hard, we will offer two groups for that day.

Overall it is not an easy tour, since cold winds and freezing temperatures will accompany us every day. However, you don’t need to be an athlete in order to join. If you are someone that likes hiking, enjoys being outdoors and has the right equipment, this guided iceland tour is probably for you.

What animals are we going to see?

Arctic foxes (black and white) are the only inland mammal in Hornstrandir and they are our top priority. The following birds can be spotted: gyrfalcon, white tailed eagle, ptarmigans, eiders, harlequin ducks and purple sandpipers. With a little bit of luck minke and hump whales stop by and say hello…

How fit do I need to be?

This is not a hiking trip. However, you need to be able to (and enjoy at the same time!) be outside for 6-8 hours, carry your own equipment and snacks for the day while we hike to the location. Of course you can always take a rest day, stay at the house and enjoy the landscape through the windows.

Where do we sleep?

You will be staying in Hornbjargsviti, a lighthouse which features comfortable beds, a place for cooking, a shower and of course a toilet. Cell phone reception is available nearby.

Note: There is no electricity! We use Powerbank batteries for this purpose.

What are some of the potential dangers and difficulties?

The two main risks include exposure to cold weather due to inadequate clothing and slipping on rocks. The hazard of getting lost is extremely low, due to the expertise of the guides as well as the relatively short distances away from the house. There is no harmful wildlife (such as polar bears) native in Hornstrandir.

What is included in the tour?

Included are

  • Transportation by boat from Isafjördur
  • Accommodation in a house in Hornstrandir
  • 3 meals per day throughout the trip
  • Full guidance and workshops for landscape and wildlife photography by 2 very experienced photographers /guides (spoken languages: English, German, French)
  • Optional online post processing seminar after the tour
What is not included in the tour?

NOT included are:

  • Personal Travel insurance
  • Transportation to and from Isafjördur
  • Accommodation in Isafjördur
  • Visa costs (if applicable)
  • Photography equipment
  • Snacks
What should I bring?

We will send out a detailed packing list with focal length recommendations as well as appropriate clothing and equipment lists to all participants prior to the tour.

Which languages are spoken?

Samy speaks english and french. Urip speaks english and german.

What if something serious happens?

In the unlikely event of an emergency, we will evacuate and call a boat to pick us up immediately. In Isafjördur there are doctors which can get consulted.