Our team for landscape and wildlife photography workshops

Our team of photography and travel enthusiasts will guide you through this landscape and wildlife photography workshop. We’ll take you to the heart of Iceland wilderness, in the Hornstrandir nature reserve!

Stage de photographie de paysage avec Urip Dunker

Hi, my name is Urip Dunker and I am an engineer, photographer and vagabond. I grew up in Cologne and got in touch with photography from an early age – my mother is a photo artist and my father is a filmmaker.
Nevertheless, it should take until I was 30 years old until I bought my first camera and became addicted to photography.

When I moved to Switzerland for my first engineering job, the camera was initially a means to an end, to remember the breathtaking mountain scenery of the Alps on my weekly excursions. One thing led to another and less than 3 years later I spent months roaming South America armed with a camera, always looking for deserted landscapes, lonely sunrises and the next adventure. But it’s not only the search for the next epic image that drives me, but rather the history, cultures and stories behind them. And so I hope to show you at least a small part of the world behind the pictures here on Wildlifephototravel.com, or feel free to check out my personal portfolio at www.uripdunker.com.

Stage de photographie animalière avec Samy Berkani
Samy Berkani

I’m Samy Berkani, wildlife photographer and hiking guide in Iceland. I’m passionate about nature, photography and art in general. I was born in Algeria, and moved to France when I was 21yo.

I worked extensively on polar foxes in Iceland, red foxes in France and Belgium, and fennec foxes in Algeria. I also spent a lot of time in Hornstrandir, observing seabirds and tundra birds.

In this wildlife photography workshop, I’m responsible for wildlife and animal behaviour. I’m also responsible for the ethics of wildlife photography. With my experience, technique and artistic spirit, you will learn framing, light management and wildlife spotting in the tundra.

You can follow my work on www.samyberkani.com

Lily Jean-Talon

Originally from Provence, I grew up with the legends and stories that certain landscapes can tell us.
Alternately a dancer, a photo model, then a tour and company manager in the performing arts, it was to the Far North that my heart turned, first to Sweden, then to Iceland.

My job here is not only to ensure that you have a unique and unforgettable experience, but also to develop Wildlife Photo Travel.

With a degree in tourism, I manage sales development and implementation. I’ll also be your point of contact for logistics and any other questions you may have before, during and even after your departure!