Arctic fox photo tour in Hornstrandir (Iceland)

Description of the trip

Join the arctic fox photo tour and spend 8 days in Hornstrandir nature reserve, in the heart of one of the most densely populated areas of arctic foxes in the world. This trip is an immersion in the Icelandic wilderness, a workshop with two professional photographers (wildlife and landscape) and a unique experience in a remote area where humans have not been able to settle.
There is no road leading to the reserve. The crossing is by boat, leaving from the small port of Ísafjörður. You can reach this town in the Westfjords via a national flight from Reykjavik.

Hornstrandir is a paradise for arctic foxes and Icelandic wildlife. Here they are protected, especially from hunting and human exploitation. The cliffs are home to millions of seabirds, the area is even one of the most important refuges in Europe.

In the field, you will be guided by Samy and Urip, who will help you discover the nature reserve and the species that can be seen there.

During your stay, you will be accommodated in the Hornbjargsviti lighthouse, an imposing building nestling on the edge of the Hornbjarg cliffs. The lighthouse has all the amenities (showers, toilets, etc.) and will be our base camp during this expedition.

What’s included

  • Boat transport to Hornstrandir nature reserve
  • Accommodation in a dormitory room
  • 3 meals per day throughout the trip
  • Wildlife and landscape photography workshops during the trip (in English, French and German)
  • Optional online post-processing seminar after the trip

What is not included :

  • Personal travel insurance
  • Transport to and from Isafjördur
  • Accommodation in Isafjördur
  • Visa fees (if applicable)
  • Photographic equipment
  • Snacks


Day 1: Departure for Hornstrandir

We leave the port of Ísafjörður for the Hornstrandir nature reserve. The journey takes around 2 hours. We disembark on the Hornvik peninsula and make our way to the Hornbjargsviti lighthouse, where we will be staying.

10/07/2024 to 15/07/2024

Day 2-7: Stay in Hornstrandir

For 6 days, you'll be living in arctic fox territory. The breathtaking scenery is the ideal setting for wildlife and landscape photography workshops. Thematic working groups will be organised to optimise each day of the trip.


Day 8: Departure for Ísafjörður

We will leave the Hornvik peninsula and the Hornstrandir nature reserve to reach the port of Ísafjörður. A farewell meal is planned for the evening in a typical restaurant in the town.

The arctic foxes

The Hornstrandir nature reserve is the kingdom of the arctic fox. We take you to the area with the highest density of foxes in the world. This is a unique and privileged experience, in a wilderness where man is completely absent from September to June.

In July, arctic fox cubs begin to emerge from their den. They spend most of their time playing, feeding and resting. This is an important time in the life of a fox cub. As for the parents, they go back and forth from the den to the cliffs to hunt seabirds and feed their offspring.

Samy Berkani, our wildlife photographer, specialises in fox behaviour. From him, you will learn how to find them, how to approach them without disturbing them and how to use the tundra environment to get the photographs you want in this arctic fox photo tour. He will be your guide, advisor and instructor.

Arctic fox iceland
The sea birds

Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is a seabirds’ paradise. Indeed, tens of kilometres of cliffs, ocean and tundra provide the ideal habitat for fulmars and common murres. More discreet birds such as red-throated loons are also present.
In the freshwater lakes, Red-necked Phalaropes are particularly present. The Common Snipe is never far away and the whistle of the Golden Plover echoes across the tundra.
Eiders, harlequin ducks and purple sandpipers are also common in the reserve.

Finally, the luckiest of the lucky may spot the mythical gyrfalcon or the majestic white-tailed eagle. Welcome to the bird photography and bird watching paradise!

The landscapes

The Westfjords are arguably the most beautiful region of Iceland, and Hornstrandir is its jewel.
The landscapes of the reserve are majestic. Between mountains, tundra and North Atlantic high cliffs, we will evolve in an environment that is both beautiful and dangerous. Urip Dunker is your guide on this adventure ! He is a landscape photographer and is experienced in mountain life and the cold.

In July, we’ll be in the polar daylight period. Seeing that, we’ll be able to be active both day and night, and take advantage of the light that this period allows, a unique opportunity to capture the low light so rare in our hemispheres.

Lastly, Tundra, basalt rock cliffs and the North Atlantic offer an inspiring playground. Welcome to the far North !

Hornstrandir landscape
Hornstrandir landscape
The territory

Hornstandir is a peninsula and nature reserve in the extreme north-west of Iceland.
A paradise for arctic foxes in Iceland, the area is only accessible by boat.
The Hornstrandir landscape is made up of cliffs plunging into the North Atlantic, mountains sculpted by vanished glaciers, vast tundra and sandy, rocky beaches where foxes come to find food washed up by the ocean. Life here is extreme, for animals and people alike.

The Hornstrandir reserve has not been inhabited since 1952, when the last inhabitants left the village of Hesteyri. This is the environment we’ll be living in during our arctic fox photo trip.

In July, the climate in the Westfjords is rather mild. Nonetheless, temperatures can hover around 0°, and rainy spells can set in to a greater or lesser extent. So you’ll need the right equipment, and our team will be happy to advise you on your polar fox trip.

arctic fox Hornstrandir iceland
The arctic fox photo tour

This arctic fox photo tour in Iceland is equally a guided tour and a photo workshop. Accompanied by two photographers, Urip Dunker (landscape) and Samy Berkani (wildlife), you will be able to learn and practise all the technical and artistic aspects of photography: settings, choice of subjects, framing, light management, wildlife approach, stabilisation techniques, etc.
Another key point, we cater for all levels! Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced photographer, we know how to optimise our workshops so that you get the most out of them.

During these 8 days of photography workshops in Iceland, we will form working groups according to the objectives and desires of each participant. Together, we’ll draw up a programme to ensure that everyone benefits from the workshop. Of course, we’ll leave plenty of room for adventure, because when it comes to landscape photography and wildlife in Iceland, the most interesting thing is to be surprised by nature.

In addition, when you return home, we’ll offer you a free post-production course, so you can learn how to process your photos in Lightroom.