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Renard polaire islandais

10 facts about the Icelandic Arctic fox

The Arctic Fox is a little-known species, found only in the Arctic. From northern Canada to Greenland, via Alaska, Spitzbergen and Siberia, this little canid has colonised the most extreme and remote regions of our planet. But it's the Icelandic Arctic Fox that interests...

Stage photo à Hornstrandir

Photo tour in Hornstrandir : what equipment do I need?

At Wildlife Photo Travel, we're lucky enough to offer a photo tour in Hornstrandir, Iceland. If you don't already know this nature reserve, you should know that it's a unique place in the world! This peninsula is isolated from civilisation and can only be...


The history of Hornstrandir nature reserve in Iceland

Hornstrandir nature reserve is a unique place in the world, so special is its history. Today, humans no longer live in the region, which has reverted to complete wilderness. It is home to rare plants endemic to Iceland, millions of birds, Arctic Fox and...

Arctic fox in Hornstrandir

The life of Arctic Fox in Hornstrandir (Iceland)

We are lucky enough to work in one of the wildest places in the world: the Hornstrandir nature reserve in Iceland! This is where we offer an Arctic Fox photo workshop. We take amateur and professional photographers to discover the life of this small...